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Year 5 Den Building

Children were asked to choose their own partner then find another pair to work with in a group of four. The children were then given bamboo canes and zip tie wraps and asked to create a sturdy structure which their whole team could fit inside.  The children were given time to discuss ideas then they were allowed to begin their creations. Most children used a triangular prism structure with an apex roof but some attempted more difficult structures such as a cuboid. 

Not all their ideas worked first time and they were constantly encouraged to persevere until they found a design that worked. Eventually, through solid team work and quality listening skills, each group produced a solid structure. They were then given a range of coverings to use and items to dress their dens such as: flags, bunting and other paraphernalia. The children quickly covered their dens and dressed them appropriately. Once they were happy with their structure, they were allowed to sit inside and discuss their morning of den building. Children were then given the opportunity to go into their peers' dens and share their thoughts.

Every child enjoyed getting involved and creating their dens. They were extremely proud and all commented on how they enjoyed their day. One child was quoted as saying, 'I'm going to show my family how to do this on Saturday!'