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Year 4 - Measurement and Capacity

Today, Year 4 took the classroom outdoors to put into practise what they have learnt about measurement. The children were divided into three teams and were given challenges that involved accurately measuring different quantities of water, and distributing the water into different measuring jugs in accordance with certain rules. The challenges had a great emphasis on team work, and also included physical challenges to get to the buckets of water. One example of a problem that the children had to solve is as follows:


Miss. Tredwell began with 1L of water, but spilled 270ml. Share the remaining water between three measuring jugs. The amount in each jug does not have to be equal.


In this example the children had to first figure out the quantity of the remaining water, then how many millilitres of water each of the three children would pour into their jug. This challenge was made more interesting by the differing capacities of the jugs, some only holding 100ml.