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Year 4

What it means to be a Christian in modern day society.

Year 4 have been looking at what it means to be a Christian in society today. They researched their believes, values and places of worship. As part of their history, they studied the conversation of Paganism to Christianity during the Anglo Saxon period, resulting in them making comparisons between Christian values  then and now.


Why are festivals important to religious communities?

Year 4 looked at the four main religions in the world (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism) and conducted research to find out about their different festivals and why they are important to them. 

They then had to study the four following questions (related to the festivals) and mind map their own opinions. They then presented their beliefs to the class and had a small debate. 

1. Does light conquer darkness?

2. Does fasting make you a better person?

3. Is it good to say sorry?

4. Is love stronger than death?