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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 class page. There will be regular updates and revision sites for you to try while you are at home. Remember you have been working really hard to challenge yourselves so you need to continue to do that! Keep busy!



Use the spellings given in the revision pack this week and put them into sentences. Write different sentence forms (questions, commands and statements) and remember to use the correct punctuation. You also need to write a range of sentences ie simple sentences, extended sentences with conjunctions. Use different sentence starters; fronted adverbial, subordinating clause.  


I hope you have enjoyed the class novel sent home a couple of weeks ago (The Iron Man or A Viking In My Bed) You could now write your own version of the story with a twist! These books need to be returned to school by Wednesday 8th July.




-Practise making your own mind maps of what we have already learnt.

-Act out and practise how we use inverted commas/direct speech.

-You can also practise your GAPS (grammar, punctuation, spellings) skills and knowledge on the links below. 





As well as the fantastic new online times table practise which you will be able to access very soon…passwords or on the way to you! Here are more websites you can use to practise what we have been doing in class.

The two links below will require the same username and password:

 You can also download the above websites as apps onto your phones or tablet devices.

You can also practise your measuring and fractions knowledge while you do some baking, sharing and some rationing!



Measurement is a maths skill that we use pretty much every day, whether we are measuring ingredients for a recipe or working out how long a film is. By involving children in these valuable opportunities, children can easily gain experience working on their measuring skills in a more meaning full way.


Length – Meters (m) centimetres (cm) millimetres (mm)

  • Measure how tall everyone is- Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? What’s the difference?
  • Can you jump like a frog? Why not measure how far you can jump? Can anyone beat that?

Mass – Kilograms (kg) grams (g)

  • Do some baking. How much do each bun/cookie weight?
  • Can you order the weight of the fruit in the fruit bowl? Start with the heaviest to the lightest.  

Volume/capacity – litres (l) millilitres (ml)

  • How many litres of water do you use to water your plants?
  • How much do you drink a day?
  • What items can you find in the fridge which is measured in l/ml? Can you convert l to ml?

Adding and subtracting money in pounds (£) and pennies (p)

  • What change do you have? Can you identify each coin?
  • Can you earn some money by doing some chores? What’s the most you can earn in a day? how much could earn in a week?
  • Play a game of Monopoly

Tell the time. Understanding vocabulary such as o’clock, a.m/p.m, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight

  - Make a timetable of what you do during a day. What time did you get up? what time did you have breakfast? What time was it when you went out for your walk?

  -Telling the time games › Subjects › Math



Why not create some of your favourite meals and talk about their nutritional value.

What types of rocks can you find in your garden, talk about what you notice? 

Try putting some food colouring in a vase of white flowers...see what happens!   
Some fantastic ideas for experiments you can do at home too-remember you need an adults permission and supervision!  ‎




Now is the right time of the year to start doing a little bit of gardening. Why not plant a few veggies. Get some sunflower seeds. Research and talk about the value of nurturing something everyday; feeding it, watering it, helping it to flourish. Observe it grow! Take pictures or draw the progress.    



Remember share what you are getting up to on our Facebook page so we can see all the fun you are getting up to.