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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. This is a very challenging time of the year as the move from KS1 to KS2 can take some time to adjust to. The focus of this year will be to support children to take responsibility for their own learning and demonstrate their ability to stay organised. It is essential they read, practise their times tables and spellings every day. Little and often bursts of practise helps children to retain information taught.

Throughout the year we also have some fantastic activities planned to link in with our exciting curriculum. Before Christmas, we have planned to go to the Wildlife Park, to do a Flat Stanley first aid course, inspire morning, the cinema and many more.


Just a couple of reminders to enable you to support your child every step of the way:


Homework is an essential part of children’s learning; enabling them to make good progress. Children must be well organised to ensure that all homework is completed and handed in on the required day.

Homework will be handed out on the same days each week and they should spend 30 minutes on each piece.

Monday: Maths homework- to be handed in on Wednesday
Wednesday: English homework - to be handed in on Friday

Spellings will be given every other Wednesday so children will have 2 weeks to practise them.
Diaries will help to make sure that children are well organised. It must be brought into school every day to record the homework that is given. It is their responsibility to ask you to sign their diary at home every weekend. It will be checked on a Monday morning. Spelling and arithmetic scores will also be recorded so you can be informed of your child’s progress at all times.

PE Kit
This needs to be brought into school on a Monday and taken home to be washed on a Friday. P.E can take place on any day of the week so it is important that it is in school all week.


Class Reading

Here are some of the books we have already read and are going to read and study in Year 3.

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, 

How To Cross The Road And Not Turn Into A Pizza by Anne Fine,

Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura, 

Clockworks by Phillip Pullman,

The BFG by Roald Dahl and

Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.


Pilip's Cap project

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