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Writing/Expressive Arts and Design


Today I would like you to draw a picture of yourself. This is called a self-portrait. If you have a mirror, look in the mirror at your face. What do you see? You have 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, 2 ears and hair on your head.

Look at your eyes. What colour are they?

Where is your nose?

Where is your mouth in comparison to your nose?

Where are your ears?

What colour hair have you got? Is it long or short? Straight or curly?

Make sure you are holding your pencil using a trip grip!

First draw your head and add your facial features and your hair.

Next, draw your body. How many arms and legs do you have?

What clothes are you wearing?

Once you have drawn yourself, colour it in.

When your child has finished their self-portrait, ask them to tell you about what they have drawn.

Please remember to post pictures of your work on our school facebook page so that I can see your wonderful artwork!