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Meet the Greenhill School Team


Mr. Fenton - Head Teacher

Mr. Fenton - Head Teacher

Mr Fenton's day is never dull as our Head Teacher, whether he is going on a bear hunt in nursery, or teaching booster groups, he is always passionate about children's learning.


Mr. L'Amie - Deputy Head

Mr. L'Amie is our Deputy Head. He is responsible for arranging the many school trips and residentials.

Miss. Smith - Assistant Head & Year 5 Teacher

Miss. Smith is our Assistant Head and Inclusion Leader and is responsible for ensuring the needs of all our children are met. Miss Smith also teaches Year 5.

Mr. Keenaghan - Premises Manager

The Apprentice - Mr.Power

Mr.Keenaghan has an apprentice to help him with his site manager duties, a welcomed addition to the Greenhill Team.

Mrs. Brown - Senior Administration Officer

Mrs. Brown enjoys a very varied day, from paying the bills to putting a plaster on a grazed knee!

Miss. Brown - Reception and Administration Officer

Mrs. Bywater - Lower Foundation Teacher & SENCO

Mrs. Bywater teaches in Lower Foundation. Within her role as SENCO, she ensures that children with special educational needs and disabilities within out school receive the support they need.

Mrs. Apperley - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs. Apperley teaches in Year 4 and is responsible for the music curriculum.

Mrs. Bashir - Year 3 Teacher

Following her role as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mrs. Bashir has progressed to a Teacher, and now teaches Year 3.

Miss. Tredwell - Year 6 Teacher

Miss. Tredwell teaches in Year 6.


Miss. Arden - Year 4 Teacher

Miss Arden currently teaches in Year 4.

Mrs. Walsh - HLTA

Mrs. Walsh currently provides learning support and covers classes in her role as Higher Level Teaching Assistant, she also covers classes throughout school. Mrs Walsh also takes charge of our fantastic displays.

Mrs. Crompton - HLTA

Mrs. Crompton supports learning and covers classes throughout school as part of her role as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Miss. Dockray - HLTA

Miss. Dockray currently provides support and covers classes throughout the school in her role as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Mrs. Dunnill - HLTA

Mrs. Dunnill currently provides learning support in Year 6 and is in charge of tending the bees and harvesting their honey. 

Mrs. Stott - Nursery Nurse 

Mrs. Stott is currently a Nursery Nurse in Lower Foundation.


Mrs. Hooley - Nursery Nurse

Mrs. Hooley is a Nursery Nurse in Lower Foundation.

Mrs. Thompson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Thompson currently provides learning support.

Miss. Gates - Teaching Assistant and Sports Coach

Miss. Gates is our sports coach and shares responsibility for P.E. Subject Leadership. When not coaching: football, netball, cricket, hockey and so many other sports; Miss Gates can be found supporting Year 2. What a busy lady!

Miss. Bashir - Teaching Assistant


Mrs. Allen - Learning Support

Mrs. Allen currently provides learning support in Foundation.

Mrs. Saddique - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Saddique currently provides learning support for Foundation.

Mrs. Turp - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Turp currently supports learning. She also provides cooking lessons and is our school mentor, who offers help and advice to pupils.

Mrs. Yaseen - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Yaseen currently provides learning support in Year 6. She also delivers cooking lessons throughout the school.

Mrs. Priest - Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Priest currently provides learning support in Year 1. Mrs. Priest delivers our exciting gardening lessons , and teaches them how to take care of The Orchard.

Miss. McCluskey - Teaching Assistant

Miss. McCluskey currently provides learning support in Year 4.


Our Housekeeping Staff

Kitchen Team

Kitchen Team 1 Mr. Kitchinman
Kitchen Team 2 Mr. Wong
Kitchen Team 3 Mrs. Mahmood