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School Logo

Wakefield Greenhill Primary School

Enjoying, Progressing, Achieving


Who's Who

Meet the Greenhill School Team


Mr. Fenton

Mr Fenton is our Headteacher.


Mr. L'Amie

Mr. L'Amie is our Deputy Head.

Miss. Smith 

Miss. Smith is our Assistant Head, Inclusion Leader and Year 5 Class Teacher.

Mr. Keenaghan 

Mr. Keenaghan is our Premises Manager.


Mr. Greig

                                                           Mr. Greig is our Assistant Caretaker.

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown is the school's Senior Administration Officer.

Miss. Brown

Miss. Brown is the school's Reception and Administration Officer.

Mrs. Apperley

Mrs. Apperley is the Nursery Class Teacher.

                                          Mr Mair is our Upper Foundation Teacher.

                                                                              Mr. Mair

                                                          Mr Mair is our Upper Foundation Class Teacher.

Miss. Fairburn 

Miss. Fairburn is our Year 1 Class Teacher.


                                                                Miss. Langley

                                                 Miss Langley is our Year 2 Class Teacher.


Mrs. Bashir 

Mrs. Bashir is our SENCO and Year 3 Class Teacher.


                                                                                 Miss. Walsh

                                                                 Miss Walsh is our Year 4 Class Teacher.

Miss. Arden 

Miss Arden is our Year 6 Class Teacher.

Katie Tredwell

Class teacher

Mrs. Walsh 

Mrs. Walsh is one of our High Level Teaching Assistants and teaches Comprehension.

Mrs. Dunnill

Mrs. Dunnill is one of our Teaching Assistants and teaches Spanish. 

Mrs. Crompton

Mrs. Crompton is one of our High Level Teaching Assistants.

Mrs. Hanif 

Mrs. Hanif is one of our High Level 

Teaching Assistants. 

Miss. Dockray

Miss. Dockray is one of our High Level Teaching Assistants.

Mrs. Hooley

Mrs. Hooley is a Nursery Nurse.

Miss. Gates

Miss. Gates is a Teaching Assistant and teaches P.E.

Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Thompson is a Teaching Assistant.

Mrs. Allen

Mrs. Allen is a Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Lockwood 

Mrs. Lockwood is a Teaching Assistant 

Mrs. Saddique

Mrs. Saddique is a Teaching Assistant.

Mrs. Turp

Mrs. Turp is a Teaching Assistant.

Mrs. Priest

Mrs. Priest is a Teaching Assistant.

Miss. McCluskey

Miss. McCluskey is a Teaching Assistant.

          Miss Womack

 Miss. Womack is a Teaching Assistant.

Miss Gilroy

Miss Gilroy is a Teaching Assistant.

Miss Davidson

Miss Davidson is a Teaching Assistant.

Kitchen Team

                           Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Priest and Ms. Orange are our Housekeeping Team.