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Week commencing 9th November

Hello Year 6!

The work below can be completed on any paper- it doesn't need printing.




Adding fractions with different denominators

Watch the video below:


Now try answering the questions, which you can find in the link below:



Subtracting fractions with different denomiators

Watch the video below:


Now try answering the questions, which you can find in the link.


Lesson 1 - Mulitplying fractions

Watch the video of how to to multiply a fraction by a whole number.


Afterwards, complete this worksheet: (answers are at the end)

REMEMBER 'of' means to multiply!


Lesson 2 - Dividing fractions

Keep Change Flip (KCF) Like KFC but not :)


Watch the video below.


Answer these questions now: (answers are at the end)


Lesson 3 - Understanding Equivalent fractions

First complete the quiz, lesson and worksheet on Oak Academy learning which can be found here:



Spelling Lesson:


Below, you will find a powerpoint where you can read the common rules that a hyphen is used for. Once you have read the rules on the powerpoint, you will find 3 activity sheets. You should complete all three activity sheets. You don't need to print them out - any paper will do. 

After this you can use the answers to mark and see how well you have done - but remember... not before!




Lesson 1: Direct Speech - watch the video and read the rest of the page to recap the rules of direct speech.


Afterwards, follow the link below to take you to two files. Complete the one names MEDIUM inverted commas so you can practise all the skills needed to accurately punctuate speech. After this, complete the other working powerpoint, which will explain examples of what to use direct speech for in your writing, so you can practising writing examples for all of the different purposes.


Activity 2 - Using your SPaG dictionary, create a mind map to revise subordinating clauses.  


Lesson 3: *You need to have completed the geography on Volcanoes*


In the link below, you will find a planning sheet and checklist so that you can plan and write a newspaper report about a volcanic eruption. You may look at examples online to support you. You may wish to draw or use pictures in your newspaper article, if you'd like. In the file is an annotated exmaple of a newspaper article on flooding so you can take ideas from that.


During and after you have written your work, use the writing checklist you are all familiar with (in the file above) to check you have all the features in your work.


Use your coloured pencils to underline the key SPaG features you have included into your writing.



Use the Popplet app on any electronic device to create a timeline of key events for the Ancient Maya. Here are some helpful wesbites for you to use:




In class we would have been learning all about volcanoes. Below are links to some interesting volcanic eruptions!


Write 3 interesting descriptive words you think of about the first video.


The next video tells you what volcanoes are and how they are formed.


Once you have watched the video, look at the files below. You will find a powerpoint all about volcanoes. Once you have read the powerpoint, complete the tasks by explaining how volcanoes are formed and explaining the different types of volcanoes with real life examples.





Watch the video. Think about the impact that earthquakes might have on peoples lives.


Watch the below video to help you write an explanation of why earthquakes are formed.


What is similar to how volcanoes are formed?


Your job is to create a survival kit! You may write or draw a picture of the object in your survival kit, but you MUST explain why it you need it to help you survive.



Here you will find a comprehension all about volcanoes. Remember your steps to sucess:
Read the text carefully 

Read the question carefully at least twice

Identify key words and scan for these in the text

Check answers make sense


Once you have completed it - you can find the answers at the end.


Below is a link to another comprehension: