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Wakefield Greenhill Primary School

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15 minutes reading

15 minutes times table practice

For your morning activity this morning, I want you to use a ruler to measure the length of 10 items in your home.


WALT: solve worded problems involving length


  • Read
  • Understand
  • Choose
  • Solve
  • Answer
  • Check

Complete the work sheet below in your maths book. Work neatly, use a ruler when needed.

WALT: Adverbs to express time, place and cause.


  • Adverbs – used to express when, where, why, how and how often.
  • He sniffed quietly.

He went swimming at the weekend.

Today we are going shopping.

My mum has gone out.

However, I feel better now.


Complete the worksheet neatly, in your English book.


Read Chapter 7 of The BFG - The Marvellous Ears

WALT: Retrieve and record key information from the text 

S2S: Look for key words to help you

        Think about what type of question is being asked