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Read chapter 2 ‘Who?’ Draw a picture of the main character. Label using noun phrases from the book.

WALT: draw and label the character

Now answer these questions on Chapter 2.

WALT: retrieve and record key information from the text 

S2S: -Look for key words to help you

         -Think about what type of question is being asked

Also complete page 78 of your English Workbook.



WALT: understand multiplication and division families 

S2S: -Think about relationships between numbers

         -Remember each family has 3 sets of numbers

Also complete page 44 & 45 in the Maths workbook.




WALT: use prefixes in your sentences.

S2S: I can explain what a prefix is.

I can explain how adding the prefixes dis-, mis-, un- changes
the meaning of words.

I can create and spell new words using the prefixes dis-, mis-, un-.

I can spell a range of words which have the prefixes dis-, mis-, un-.

Also have a go at pages 12 & 13 in your English workbook.