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Tuesday 26th January 2021


15-minute Reading - tell me what you have read: What was it about? What was your favourite part or character? Would you recommend it? House points will be awarded! 


15-minute practising times tables. Make a note of your score and share your progress for extra house points!



Understanding pulse and rhythm



For this next page in your book start by drawing a picture of Sophie and the giant. You can set this out as you wish. You may want to label it or just write a paragraph under each picture.

Remember if you can include some interesting words or words from our word of the day there are extra house points available.

WALT: write a character description

S2S:- use noun expanded noun phrases

-use fronted adverbials to begin your sentences

-start a sentence using a subordinating conjunction

Here is a planning sheet to help you. Gather your ideas, words and phrases from the book to help you.



Well done for joining teams yesterday and for uploading your work. Today I want you to practise a little more. Make sure you check your times tables and make your carry over clear!

WALT:  use a formal written method for multiplication

S2S: -Set your columns clearly

         -Write down your times table

         -Show all your working out

Have a go at the first activity. If you are confident and have complete the first one try the second and so on. Ask an adult to check the answers with you. Do any corrections in green. Then upload your work for your house.

Also have a go at pages 32 & 33 in your Maths workbook.



Go through the PP on Prefixes, suffixes and root words. Once you have done this have a go at pages 16 and 17 in the English workbook.

Now try this activity.