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Thursday 4th February 2021


Good morning Year 3. I trust you are all raring to go with your work for today. 

15 minutes times table practise

Morning Activity

Open the document below and complete the maths activity in your maths book. Work neatly and use a ruler when necessary.



Today we will begin to revise and explore units of measure. Measuring plays an important part in every area of our lives.

WALT: Solve problems using measure.

STS: -Measure accurately

        - Read scale

         - Use correct notation i.e. cm, mm

Open up the power point presentation below, ensuring you read carefully and thoroughly.


Open the worksheet below, all answers must be in your maths book. Use ruler when needed and work neatly.


To day we are going to have a look at word families. These are groups of words that are all based on the same root word.

e.g. Cheer - cheerful - cheered - cheerless - cheering - cheerfull


WALT: Find word families

STS - Try different prefixes and suffixes to find real words


Complete the work sheet below and then, have ago and see how many of your own word families can you make. Choose one of you word families and use each word in an interesting sentence.

15 minutes reading



WALT: Decir las fechas (to say the dates)


You need to:


  1. Carefully read both PowerPoints about 'age' and 'birthdays'.
  2. Complete the worksheet in your workbooks using the WALT above.