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¡Hola!  Complete the numbers worksheet.  Hopefully this will refresh your memory on our last lesson.  Use the link to help you with the correct spelling.


Read chapter 3 ‘The Snatch’

WALT: write a character description

For Sophie and the giant use the word bank you created on Monday to help you.

Now answer these questions on Chapter 3.

WALT: retrieve and record key information from the text 

S2S: -Look for key words to help you

         -Think about what type of question is being asked

Also have a go at pages 70 & 71 in your English workbook.



WALT: us a formal written method for multiplication

S2S: -To set columns out clearly

       -Write your times tables

       -Show all working out

Also have a go at pages 48 & 49 in your Maths workbook.



You have a History project to do. Start with doing a little bit of research every week before you put it together.