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The Hard Work Begins

The Orchard Project was a project carried out between year groups 4 and 5. The children planned improvements to the school grounds. However, the children not only planned the improvements, they also designed and made the improvements. The project supported what had been taught during lessons and the children were expected to use and apply a range of maths skills and team work skills. They also read timetables, found out when they were timetabled to be working outside. The children worked with parents and businesses to buy and install the trees and beehive.


What changes will be taking place?


One of the main improvements, will be the orchard which will have fruit trees. The fruit will then be used during cooking lessons. The orchard will also contain a range of plants for foraging. In the orchard there will  be a beehive, to support with the pollination of the plants and trees, and to provide us with honey.


At the top of the banking, the raised beds will be moved to the orchard and the children will install a yurt. This will then be used across school to support with outdoor learning and all classes will be allocated time for the use of the yurt.


Finally, over the coming weeks, the children will be installing a fire pit! The fire pit will also be used to enhance the outdoor learning provision.


You can keep up to date with the progress of the orchard project through the website and the display in school.