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Spelling and Grammar

Friday 5th February 2021



Starter- Fix my sentences below. Write them correctly in your lined book with the long date. Please use cursive writing. 


i am in such a rush to get to the shops

A man is rich if he has lots ofcash

natasha sang a song to me

the van will chug up the long hill.



Task- Which of the words below need a capital letter? Only write the words that need capital letters at the beginning in your books. If it does not need a capital letter, do not write it.



Read the sentences below. I have used the word 'and' to join two sentences together. Which sentence does not make sense? Read the sentences below to see which one does not make sense.


1. The boy is at the park and he is happy to see his friends. 


2. The man is in the red van and he tall.


3. At school the children like to play and learn about animals.