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Thursday 11th February 2021


WALT- Use exclamations. 


Starter- in your lined book, draw an exclamation mark ! 

Can you draw a gigantic exclamation mark? Can you draw a tiny exclamation mark? Can you draw a wobbly exclamation mark? 


Discuss- What is an exclamation mark? Why do we use exclamation marks?

Sentences that end in an exclamation mark are used to show intense feelings or get attention.

You can use an exclamation mark ! to show when your sentence is saying something surprising or with force: Ouch! That really hurt!





Task- Add an exclamation mark to the sentences below. Write the sentences in your lined books and add an exclamation mark. 


1. We are going on holiday


2. I love your hair


3. Be quiet 


4. What a great footballer you are


Task 2- Which of the sentences below need an exclamation mark? Write the sentences that need an exclamation mark at the end in your lined book. If it does not need an exclamation mark, do not write it. 


1. How are you today


2. My name is Ben


3. I can't believe you came first


4. Your work is amazing


5. The dog is small


6. Stop it now