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Thursday 25th February 2021


WALT – To understand the order of events in a story and predict what might  happen next.

S2S – Watch the Superworm story and think about which are the most important parts.

Think about how Wizard Lizard behaves in the story, is he a kind character? Where is he at the end of the story?




Sequencing (1C)

Task -

Watch the story of Superworm again using the link above.

In your books put the following sentences in order, as they appear in the story.


  1. Servant Crow captures Superworm.
  2. Superworm rescues a baby toad and a beetle.
  3. Superworm returns to help all his friends.
  4. Wizard Lizard puts Superworm under a spell.
  5. Superworm’s friends plan a rescue.
  6. Wizard Lizard is captured and thrown on to the rubbish dump.


Predicting (1E)

Task - Think about Wizard Lizard in the story. In your books, tell me what you think will happen to him next? Why do you think that?