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WALT - Weather Forecasting


There has been some super examples of weather diaries posted on Teams, and hopefully you have all completed one for our five-day school week.


Starter - Examine your diary and see if you can spot anything that is the same across some or all the days.


For example, was it cold on most days? Did it rain a lot? Were there any sunny days?


Write one or two sentences to briefly describe what the weather was like
“Last week the weather was……”
You can add drawings of the weather too if you like.


Scientists called Meteorologists study what the weather is doing now and try to predict what it will do in the future.



Weather forecasting allows meteorologists to give us information to help make choices and prepare for different weather conditions.


Thinking about the weather you have just described from the last week, and the weather we expect in Winter....


Make a prediction about what the weather might be like over the next few days.
Use words and draw pictures to describe it. “Next week the weather will be….”
Can you suggest suitable clothes to wear for this weather and draw pictures of them.