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Monday 1st February 2021




Which is the odd one out from the pictures below?  Why? Post your answer on teams.




Task- What are the names of the materials we looked at last lesson? List them in your lined books. 


Tally charts- a tally chart is a way of gathering and recording data. For example, the tally chart below shows which pets were the children's favourite when asked in a school settings. The lines help count the amount of people who like each pet and at the end you can count up the tallys and write the answers. Today you will be doing this, however, instead of for pets, children will be counting materials. 


Using the materials and the chart below (draw this in your book), Walk around your house and/ or garden and tally chart what materials you can see. For example, if you see a wooden table, put a tally in the column next to 'wood'. Once you get to 5 lines for the tally, you should draw a line through it as shown above. Do this for all the materials you can see and add them up. What material did you find the most of?

Materials in my house
Material Tally Total