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WALT: make observations of light & shadow on different materials


For the starter, I want you to comment all that you have learnt on the blog beginning 'week commencing 25th January'.


After our science observations & investigations together,  you are going to do some observation work yourself!


I want you to find some common household materials and hold them up to the light: if you don’t have a torch you can use a room light.

Hold the materials to the light and describe your observations – what can you notice about the shadows?

Material ideas:


Tea towel

Kitchen roll/toilet roll

And any other things you’d like to try! 



Draw a table in your books for your observations and set it out like below:




The shadow was really deep and black, which looked like it was blocking all the light.








Now rewatch this video we watched together on Teams:


Now draw the pictures in a simple form in your books to show how the light travels using arrows so that we can see:


To get feedback, post a picture of your work on the blog. on the post  'week commencing 25th January'


Optional Activity:
See here to make some cool shadows using empty loo rolls: