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WALT: understand key science vocabualry for light

These are all very important words that we will need for Friday's lesson. Use a dictionary or internet research to find the right definition for each of these words in your lined books.

dark (scientific meaning in the topic of light)

  • reflect
  • shadow
  • opaque
  • translucent
  • transparent
  • reflective surface
  • light sources
  • periscope
  • waves
  • bend
  • refract


Now I want you to find an object that is opaque, one that is transulcent, one that is transparent, one light source and one that has a reflective surface.

Post this on the blog for 'work for week commencing 25th January'.


Small observational task - what happens when you stand under the light in the middle of the room. Where is your shadow? What about when you move further away from the light? What happens to your shadow now?


Write some notes in your lined book about what you observe when you move as mentioned above.