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Tuesday 19th January 2021


WALT- Understand the season 'winter'. 


Starter- discuss what the names of the 4 seasons are: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Discuss how the weather changes throughout the 4 seasons, in Autumn it starts to get colder leading up to Winter and in Spring it begins to warm up leading to summer.


What seasons did we last learn about? Autumn. Who can remember when Autumn starts and finishes? It starts in September and it goes through October and November. Winter comes after Autumn and this starts in December. 


Task 1- Create a Winter mind map in your unlined books and write everything you know about Winter. This can include clothes you might wear in Winter, What the weather is like in Winter, Where you might go in Winter, how Winter makes you feel. 


Task 2- Discuss when Winter starts and finishes. Winter starts in December and goes through January and February. The season that comes after Winter is Spring. Challenge children to remember the Autumn and Winter months by the end of the session! 


Task 3- Look at the power point below and discuss each part with children.