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Starter- Discuss the question below.

Would you make a teapot out of chocolate? Why?


Discuss why making a teapot out of chocolate would not work, as the chocolate would melt when you put hot water in it. We need to make it from materials that  do not melt easily. Objects are made from materials that suit what the object will be used for. 


Task 1- What is a material? 

Materials are the matter or substance that objects are made from.


Task 2- What materials do you know? Look at the picture below of the different materials and name them.



Name materials- plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber, wool, paper, stone, rock.


Task 2- What materials can you find around your house or garden? Make the table below in your unlined book and explore your environment to find objects/ materials. Draw a picture of it in the box underneath the material name. For example- if you see a wooden bed, draw a picture of the bed underneath the word 'wood'. 

Plastic Paper Metal Glass Wood