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Discuss the animal classifications learnt in school.

Mammals- have live babies, feed milk to their babies, have hair or fur.

Birds- have wings, a beak, feathers, lay eggs, some birds fly- not all birds.

Fish- gills to breathe, fins to swim, lay eggs, live in water.

Reptiles- live on land and in water, cold blooded, lay eggs on land.

Amphibians- live on land and in water, cold blooded, lay eggs in water.

Insects- 6 legs, 3 parts of their body; head, torso and abdomen. 


Discuss what animals eat

Carnivores- eat meat (eat other animals).

Herbivores- eat plants (eat grass, flowers, seeds, fruit and vegetables).

Omnivores- eat meat and plants.


Look at the animals below and discuss, what type of animal are they? and if they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.