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WALT- Understand friendship


Starter- What is a friend? who are your friends? 

Discuss who your friends are and how you know them. Discuss how you can have lots of different friends from different places and your friends do not have to be friends with each other.





Watch Zog and answer the questions below.

Which characters are friends in Zog?

How do you know these characters are friends?

Should these characters be friends?

Why do you think this?

How did these characters become friends?

Are these friends from the same place? 

Do these characters have a lot in common?

Do friends need to like everything the same?


Who are your friends?


In your lined books, write a list of your friends and how you know them, did you meet them in school? Did you meet them at the park? Are they apart of your family? Did you meet them at Church or Mosque?.


Underneath write what you like to do with your friends. What activities do friends do together? Do you see your friends everyday? Every week? Do you help your friends?  How do your friends make you happy?


Extension- In your books, complete the worksheet below (You can draw this in your books).