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Discuss with children, what is respect? look at the mind map below and discuss the different aspects of respect and what should be respected. 

-  How can we show respect?

- Can you think of a time you were respectful to someone? (an example would be needed here to support children)

- Can you think of a time someone was respectful to you?

- What would you do if someone wasn't being respectful to you? 

- Who are the people you can talk to when you are feeling disrespected?




Discuss with children what manners are. Discuss with children, do you think manners and respect are the same? Are they similar or different? Why do you think this? What words/ manners do you use daily? 



Answer the questions above with children. 

- Children to make a respect pledge. Write down 3 ways you will be respectful or use your manners this week. This can be as short, 'I will listen', ' I will help my dad clean' or a longer sentence 'I will listen to what my mum is asking me to do' ' I will work with my dad to clean the kitchen', 'I will not talk over my mum'.