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PHSE/History/Class Novel

WALT: understand reasons for WW2 


After our teams meeting on Friday, I could tell that many of you knew very little about WW2. Now, I know we discussed how Hitler ordered the German army to bomb England. London is the capital city so this was a big target which is why children got evacuated to places less likely to get bombed e.g. Olive & Cliff get sent to Devon in our class novel.


Now we understand this, I want you to know abit more about why WW2 happened in the first place. It was to fight for the Jewish people who were being persucuted in what was know as the Holocaust.

All the information you need is on this PowerPoint below:


I want you to make a comment on my Teams post, to discuss the questions at the end of this PowerPoint. This is an important part of history and will help you to understand our class novel better.