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Monday 22nd February 2021


WALT- Read and write phase 4 tricky words.


Starter- Recap all our phase 3 sounds. Children should be able to recall all these sounds. Use the link below to help revise phase 3 sounds children are finding tricky.



'st' and 'nd' words


Write the words below in your lined books and add sound buttons for the sounds to help blend and segment the words. If the sound is 2/3 letters long, put a line underneath them. If the sound is just 1 letter put a dot underneath.


- hand

- star

- stop

- bend

- mend

- last

- starfish 

- lending



Task- Phase 4 tricky words. Read the tricky words below that we looked at before the holidays. Write 1 sentence for each word.

- said

- have 

- like

- so

- do

- some


Task 2- New phase 4 tricky words


- come 


- little 


- one


Read these words together, ensuring children can read without using our sounds as tricky words cannot be sounded out! 


Write the 3 tricky words in your lined books and draw a picture for the word underneath to help you remember the words! Show me pictures of your phonics on the class blog!

Phase 4 yes / no questions. Children to read the questions and answer and explain their answers.