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Tricky words

Phase 2


Recap the phase 2 words using the green tricky words mat below.

Task 1- Read through each word together. Discuss the words and see if children can put them in a verbal sentence. Challenge them to use two tricky words in one sentence.

Task 2- Tricky words game. Give children a word and see how fast they can point to the word. You can do this by writing the words in your book or touching them on the picture below. 

Task 3- Spelling game. Children to give a partner a phase 2 tricky word which their partner must spell, children must then check the spelling is right. If it is wrong they can teach their partner how to spell the word. This can also be done with an adult giving the child a phase 2 word to spell.


Phase 3 tricky words

Look at the list of phase 3 tricky words on the purple picture below. Read through the words. Children should know the words- he, she, we, me, be, you, are, was and her.

Task 1- Read through the tricky words children already know and encourage children to produce a verbal sentence for each word. 

Task 2- Focus on the tricky words- all, they and my. Put these words in a verbal sentences again to show children understand how to use the words. 

Task 3- In your lined books or on the class notebook for phonics on teams, practice spelling each word until you are confident spelling without looking. Once you have done this, write each word in a sentence.