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Phase 3 phonics


Starter- recap the sounds on the sound mat below (This is important to check everyday as it supports children with their reading and writing). 

Read the words below-

- coil

- rain

- night

- chair

- zoom

- queen

- goat

- spoil


Task- look at the sound 'ure' can you remember what sound this is?

Recap that this is a trigraph- it has 3 letters but only makes 1 sound. Sounds like 'oi' and 'oo' are digraphs- they only have 2 letters and 1 sound. 


Watch the 'ure' video linked below. Read the words and sentence alongside the video. Once you have watched this press the arrow onto the next page and find the words with the 'ure' sounds in, can you find them all? 


Task 2- Read the sentences below. 

The happy man has found the cure. 

The manure smells bad. 


Write 2 sentences with 'ure' words. Show me these sentences on teams or the blog!