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Phase 3 phonics


Warm up- Look at the phase 3 phonics mat. Pick a random sound and see if children can tell you what sound it is. You do not need to do this for all the sounds, focus on the sounds you know your children are finding tricky. 


Task 1- Recap the sound 'air'. What sound is this? can you write this sound without looking? 

Read some words with the 'air' sound in using your sound buttons. 

- chair

- pair

- airport


Give your children a couple of words to write using the air sound. They can look at the phase 3 sound mats whilst they write.


Task 2- Complete the sheet below. Real and nonsense words. Children can read each word (encourage this to be independent), and decide if it is a real word or not. If they think it is real they have to define the word. 


In your unlined books draw the table below. At the top of the table, write 'real words' and 'nonsense words' and write the words from the sheet underneath the correct section of the table. 

Real words Nonsense words