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Warm up- sing the alphabet song slowly, ensuring all the letters of the alphabet are said correctly. Children can often struggle to sing LMNOP, so please spend some extra time on these letters. 


Task 1- Look at the sounds on the phonics mat below. Say the sounds up to the 'air' sound. Children will be learning this today.


Task 2- Show / point to the 'air' sound. Do you know this sound? Practice saying it together and discuss the 3 letters that make the sound, a   i    r 

let children practice writing this sound in their lined books and see if they can write it without looking. 


Task 3- Watch the phase 3 'air' video attached below, this shows children the sound and some words with the sound in. It also demonstrates how to use sound buttons well. Discuss the words it is showing you in the video and see if children know what the word means, they are more likely to remember the word if they understand it. 


Task 4- Read some 'air' words together. 

- hair

- chair

- lair

- pair

- airport


Task 5- Give your child a word with the 'air' sound in. Keep the 'air' sound in view of your child so they know how to spell it, do not show them the word you are giving them. See if children can write the word you have said. Make this into a game by children reading an 'air' word to you for you to write. Children can also mark your work. For an extra point, put the word in a sentence!