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Phase 3 phonics


Task 1- look at the sound mat below and go through each sound till you get to 'ear', can children tell you all the sounds? 


Task 2- recap the sound 'ear' from yesterday. Point to the sound and ask what sound it makes. Children should be able to write this sound without looking at it. Practice this in your note books or on a piece of paper. You can also do this by writing the sound big on a piece of paper and hiding one of the letters and asking, what sound is missing? 


Task 3- Read the words below correctly, some are 'ear' words and some are not. Children should be able to read the words by writing the sound and putting sound buttons underneath, children should be able to do this independently. For example fear underline all the sounds with more than one letter and put dots underneath all the sounds with one letter. Use the sound buttons to read each word. Which words have the 'ear' sound in?


- tear 

- burn

- fear

- year

- cat

- hear

- near

- night

- ear

- dear

- sight

- boat

- coin

- clear