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Thursday 25th February 2021

WALT- Use phase 4 sounds.




Match the sounds, blends and clusters to the pictures. Write the number and the sound together in your lined books. 




Task- Watch the videos below for our new sounds 'nk' and 'ft'.

Task- Write our new sounds in your books 5 times each, with finger spaces in between. 


1. ft  ft  ft  ft  ft 

2. nk  nk  nk  nk  nk


Give children one of the words below (read it, don't let children see the word) and let them use their phonics to sound out and write the words in their books. At the end let children mark their own spellings. If they spelt one wrong, practice spelling the words in your books.


1. gift

2. blink

3. lift

4. link

5. soft

6. thank