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Outdoor Learning

Today is the perfect day to complete an

activity from, '50 things to do

before you're five.'


#12 Brrrr… Explore the Cold!

Snow, ice and cold weather are experiences that children can find really exciting; they need to discover our world using all their senses to properly understand it, and snow is a great opportunity for play! Wrap up warm and keep moving - they’ll have a wonderful time!

  • Build a snowman
  • Look for icy spider webs and at nature around you.
  • Make ice - Put water in dishes outside overnight to create ice.
  • Snow/frost writing - make marks in the snow with a stick or your finger. Can you draw a picture in the snow or write some letters from your name?
  • Excavate – bury an item in the he snow and let your child find it, or dig out big ride on toys that may have been left out in the snow. It’s so much fun to dig in the snow and children love the discovery of uncovering objects. 
  • Make a target on the fence with chalk and throw snow balls at it.
  • Build snow castles– bring some cups and food storage containers out with you, pack them with snow, then use the snow bricks to make walls and towers.
  • Sculpt snow creatures and add the face and other details.
  • Make a snow kitchen – bring out some kitchen utensils, a bowl, and a pot, and let the cooking begin.
  • Make imprints in the snow. Bring out some items from around the house, a few toys or things with texture to press into the snow and make impressions.
  • Build a snow road or city– the snow is perfect for sculpting roads and ramps for toy cars.


Please remember to post pictures of your outdoor learning on our school facebook page so that I can see how much fun you have had in the snow!