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Wakefield Greenhill Primary School

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Our current projects

w/c 26.2.18 Planting potatoes


We planted potato tubes in grow bags. We measured the soil to 15cm deep. Then we counted 3 potatoes into each bag. We watered the bags and put them into the greenhouse.


Feeding the birds


As the weather is cold and wintery we are putting meal worms and fat balls onto the bird feeders for the birds to eat.

w/c 28/1/18- The weather caused us a few problems this week with the wind taking down the polytunnel! The children helped rebuild it but unfortunately some insect have started to eat our sprouts! So we are now collecting egg shells to put around the plants to see if this will stop it.
w/c 15/1/18- We went to the willow and cut it all back. We are going to tie it down so that it grows into a shape of an arch around the textile area.
w/c 20/11/17- This week the children have been planting runner bean seeds. We looked at the seeds. The children made observations that the seeds were large, purple and black. We also watered the beds and noticed that our garlic is starting to grow!

14/11/17- We went in the greenhouse to re-pot the purple carrot seedlings. We put them into larger pots; then once big enough they will go outside into the larger planters.

w/c 6/11/17- We transferred the Brussel sprout seedlings from the greenhouse to the new raised bed outside Nursery under the polytunnel. Today we went around and labelled everything (potatoes, garlic, Brussel sprouts.)


COMING SOON- re-potting the purple carrot seedlings!

The children made 2D shape egg and salad leaves sandwiches. The salad leaves are the first thing that the children have grown from a seed.

w/c 31/10/17 Nursery and Reception planted bulbs so that they will grow in the numbers 1-5 on the banking outside Nursery! Also, planting the remainder of the bulbs in the new raised beds to add to the sensory plants.


COMING SOON- the Brussel sprouts will be going under the polytunnel.

w/c 16/10- The children have been busy this week outdoors with Mrs Thompson! They have filled up the mud in our mud kitchen to make a lot more mess and to begin to think about mark making with the mud outdoors!

The children have fed the birds and are looking forward to making fat balls for the birds when we come back after half term. Seed potatoes have been planted and the children have watered the garlic and flowers.

The children went to check on the progress of our plants and noticed that salad leaves are beginning to grow along with the brussels and carrots in the greenhouse!


New plant beds have been put outside Nursery and sensory plants have been planted next to the path. (PICTURES TO FOLLOW!)



Raised beds and polytunnel..... watch this space!

w/c 25/9/17: We planted spring bulbs, daffodils and tulips; we had to look carefully at the bulbs to make sure that we were planting them the right way! This week we also cut our large sunflower head so that we can collect the seeds to make fat balls for the birds in winter.  
The children have tidied the herb garden and we smelled; thyme, lavender and mint. Mint was our favourite!
Upper Foundation will be helping Mrs Thompson clear the planters and grow their own flowers and some ingredients for their upcoming cooking lessons! All children will be expected to get their fingers green and will learn all about soil, the parts of a plant and the process of growing a seed to a crop.