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Full Reopening FAQs

Full Opening in September - Frequently Asked Questions


School re-opens on Tuesday 8th September and we look forward to welcoming all children back. We have put a range of measures in place to ensure that we keep children, staff and parents safe. The main focus of our measures is based on the following three key principles.


1 – Very high standards of hygiene. This will include children and staff washing their hands thoroughly, more often than usual. An enhanced cleaning schedule will take place, with high contact areas cleaned often throughout the day.


2- Appropriate social distancing measures to minimise contact between individuals and prevent the mixing of different class groups.


3 - Preventing the spread of illness by ensuring that those who have coronavirus symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend school.


We will regularly review our measures and make changes as and when they are needed. The following frequently asked questions show further detail. Please also keep up to date with the latest information on the school website


Which gate should we use and what are the start/finish times?

All classes will be given a specific start and finish time so that they do not mix with children from other classes. The start and finish times are shown in the table below. We will ensure that our staff keep to these times so that we avoid any congestion at the gates. We also ask that parents keep to the specified times.


Year Group

Start Time

Finish Time





Nursery Gate




Garages Gate

Year 1



Playground Gate

Year 2



Playground Gate

Year 3



Playground Gate

Year 4



Main gate

Year 5



Main Gate

Year 6



Main Gate

The map at the bottom of this page shows the locations of the different gates.

A=Playground gate; B= Garages gate; C= Main gate; D= Nursery gate


How will the school ensure that children stay in their bubbles?

Once children are in school they will remain in their classroom and not mix with other year groups. There will be no whole school assembly and each class will eat their lunch in their class bubble. We have altered break and lunch arrangements so that children can remain in their bubble. Children will only play with other children in their class and they will not mix with children from other classes at break and lunch.


How can parents help to keep children safe?

We need all parents to keep to the start and finish times allocated to each class.

Please do not gather around school gates.

Do not send your child to school if they have any symptoms of coronavirus.


Can parents enter the school grounds?

No. All parents should remain outside the school grounds. Members of staff will be on the gates to welcome the children. If you need to speak to a particular member of staff we ask you to make an appointment so that the meeting can be arranged to ensure social distancing is maintained.


Will children wear school uniform?

No. For the first half-term, from September to mid-October, children do not need to wear school uniform. They should have a change of clothes each day. However, children should wear black school shoes.


Do children need to bring a PE kit?

No. On the day that your child has PE they should wear clothes that are suitable for an outdoor PE lesson.


What arrangements are in place for school dinners?

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will continue to receive a free school lunch. They will eat lunch in the school hall in their own class group so they so not mix with other children. 


Children in Years 3,4, 5 and 6 will have the option of a school lunch or a packed lunch from home. The price of school meals remains £2.10 per day. They will have a take-away style menu and will eat their lunch outside - if the weather is good - or in their classroom. If they bring a packed lunch from home, this will be stored safely outside the classroom until lunchtime. 


Do children need to bring a water bottle?

No. We will provide every child with a disposable cup and drinking water throughout the day.


What extra hygiene measures have been put in place?

We have installed 4 sets of outdoor sinks around school so that all children can wash their hands regularly. All children will wash their hands before they enter the building and at various times throughout the day. We also have additional cleaning taking place throughout the day. Frequently touched areas are regularly sanitised and the school is thoroughly cleaned at the beginning or end of each day.


What should I do if my child is ill?

If your child, or anyone in your household, has any symptoms of coronavirus they must not come to school. You should inform the school as soon as possible. You should follow the guidelines for self-isolation and arrange for a test.


Will children still receive homework?

Yes, the children will still receive homework to help them consolidate what they have been learning in school, although the arrangements will be slightly different to normal. For example, children will take a reading book home on Monday and keep it at home to read, then bring it back on Friday. Also, children will not use book bags. This is because we will not be using the cloakrooms to store bags so we can avoid different classes mixing.


Will there be any after-school clubs?

There will be no after school clubs in the first half-term. We will review this  again in October


What will happen if my child becomes ill during the school day?

If a child becomes ill we will contact parents immediately and arrange for the child to be collected as soon as possible. While they are waiting to be collected they will be supervised by an adult and kept away from the other children.


How will the children continue to learn if the school has to close in the Autumn term?

If we have to close the school for any reason, all of the children will be given a Maths and English workbook for their year group so they can continue to practice their skills at home. Teachers will also place information on the class page of the school website to help children and parents understand which areas of the curriculum the children should practice. The school website will also include links to on-line lessons through BBC bitesize and Oak Academy


Teachers will monitor children’s progress by making a weekly telephone call to parents. During this phone call, children will have the opportunity to ask questions about the work they have been doing.





If you have any questions or you would like further clarification of any of these measures, please do not hesitate to contact school by telephone on 01924 303650 or email