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15 minutes times table practise

15 minutes reading


Research how fossils are made and write a paragraph of explanation in your English book.

WALT: Understand how fossils were made

Work neatly and carefully


WALT: Retrieve and record key information from the text 

S2S: Look for key words to help you

        Think about what type of question is being asked 

Complete the worksheet below in your English book. Use your neatest hand writing and as always, use a ruler to underline.


We use units of measure in our everyday life.

Lots of you have been using units of mass to measure out your ingredients in your cooking and baking. If we didn’t measure out the ingredients, our recipes would not turn out as they were supposed to. Our cakes, for example, would not look right, but more importantly they would definitely not taste good.


WALT: Use metric units of mass.

STS: Mass is how heavy something is

          Milligrams =mg

          Grams =g

          Kilograms =kg

Complete the worksheet below in your maths book. Work neatly, using a ruler where necessary

When you have finished your worksheet, ask your adult if you can borrow the kitchen weighing scales. Practice weighing some items. You could weigh; lego, crayons, beads, marbles or maybe you could weigh some ingredients to cook something tasty with. ( with permission from an adult)

If you don't have any kitchen scales, you could look at some tins and packages of food to see what units of measurement are used.