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Monday 1st February 2021

Happy Monday Year 3, I hope you had a lovely weekend and helped out at home!

  1. 15 minutes reading
  2. 15 minutes practicing your times tables, this is so important if you want to be efficient at maths.


Today we continue with our worded problems.

WALT: identify which operation is needed to solve the problem.


  1. Underline the important words and numbers
  2. Decide on the operation
  3. Choose a method – column addition/subtraction, number line or partitioning
  4. Make sure you write your answers in the right format (cm, £’s etc)

Open the PowerPoint below, in your maths book neatly set out the work and make sure you copy in the S2S. Work through each slide and you must show all your working out!


Today's English Comprehension will give you a better understanding of the artist Andy Goldsworthy whom you will be studying in your Art lesson today!

WALT: 2b - Retrieve and record information/identify key details from fiction/non-fiction

S2S:  Use you finger to track every word when reading

  •   Read the question twice, ask yourself what is it asking me to find out?
  •  Pay attention to words in bold
  •  Reread your answer, does it make sense?

Andy Goldsworthy Comprehension Text


I think you will have a great time carrying out these art challenges as you learn all about Andy Goldsworthy and the amazing sculptures and designs he created. It's a chance to spend some time outside in your garden or at the park during your daily exercise. I'm excited to see your creations. Ask your parents to put them on the school's Facebook page or on the Year 3 Blog.

WALT: Produce creative work, exploring my own ideas

S2S: Create a rough sketch of your design

  •  Think about the texture of the nature materials you discover.

Open the PowerPoint and spend time reading each slide, make notes of the things you like. Follow each challenge at the end of the PowerPoint - Have fun and if possible ask your parents to take photos of your work to share on the class blogs or on Facebook!