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Starter- Missing number line. What are the missing numbers? Use your knowledge of counting 1 more and 1 less.




WALT- Find number bonds to 18.

What will all the answers be if we are finding number bonds to 18? Discuss: We will be looking at all the different ways we can make 18 so the answer will always be 18.

Count 18 objects around your house! Get 2 plates. Split the 18 objects into 2 groups using the plates as your groups. There should be 19 number bonds to find for the number 18. Look at the answers below.

Discuss with children how 1 number bond gives us 2. We have 17+1=18 and we can swap the numbers to be 1+17=18. Children to use this knowledge to find all the number bonds.


Answers- number bonds to 18.

0+18=18      1+17=18     2+16=18    3+15=18    4+14=18 

5+13=18      6+12=18     7+11=18    8+10=18    9+9=18

10+8=18      11+7=18     12+6=18    13+5=18    14+4=18

15+3=18      16+2=18     17+1=18    18+0=18



Who is right? How do you know? Use the number line to find the right answer and then pick who is right. Start by putting your finger on the first number in the number sentence on the number line and do 7 jumps forwards.


Answer for the extension-