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WALT: Convert between mixed number fractions  and improper fractions


S2S for converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions

1.Multiply the denominator by the whole number.

2. Add the answer (to step 1) to the numerator.

3. The denominator remains the same


S2S- For converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions

  1. Divide the numerator by the denominator.

  2. Write down the whole number result.

3. Use the remainder as the new numerator over the denominator. This is the fraction part of the mixed number.


Watch the link to covert a mixed number in to an improper fraction.


Watch the video to covert the improper fraction in to a mixed number fraction


You will find an example on this link :


Task: Complete pages 42 and 43 of your maths target workbook (yellow and purple one)