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WALT: multiply fractions by whole numbers


S2S (copy into your maths books)

3/ x  5  =

1. Put the whole number over a denominator of 1 (3/4  x 5/1)


2. Multiply the numerators 3/4  x  5/1      (3 x 5=15)


3. Multiply the denominators 3/4  x  5/1   (4x1=4)

                                                                                Answer= 15/4


4. Simplify, if possible 


5. Change to a mixed number fraction, if possible 


Click on the link to watch the video and see the S2S in action:


Click the link below

1. Read through the S2S again

2. Read through the poster

3. Work through the questions on the powerpoint- You can draw the 'bar models' in your books. Use a ruler!