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WALT- Find number bonds to 12.

Starter- answer this worded problem using resources around your house.

Jack has 3 sweets; he buys 5 more sweets from the shop. How many sweets does Jack have now?


Task- grab 2 bowls and 12 pieces of pasta/ berries/ sweets (whatever you can find in your house). Children can practice throwing the resources into the two bowls until they have used all 12 (make sure all the resources are in the bowls). How much landed in the first bowl? How many in the second bowl? Write a number sentence using these two numbers. For example: If you throw 10 pieces of pasta into one bowl and 2 pieces of pasta into the other bowl, you can write the number bond- 10+2=12. Write the number bonds to 12 in your maths notebook.


Extension- write all the number sentences backwards. For example- 10+2=12 / 12=10+2


Extension 2- create 2-part whole models using the number bonds to 12 you have found. Use the sheet below if children are finding this difficult/ or as an extra activity.