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WALT- Find number bonds to 11. 

Starter- Count on the 100 square grids attached. See if children can count to 50. This can start on the number 1 or you can challenge children to count from a given number! For example- starting on the number 21, count to the number 50.


Task- Count objects up to 11. Using these 11 objects, split them into 2 categories as you did yesterday with number bonds to 10. See if children can find all the different ways, we can add up to 11. There are 12 number problems for children to find. I will attach all the answers below. Children should practice the number sentences they have found and see how many they can recall without looking at what they have written. Please write your number bonds on the maths notebook on teams or in the lined book sent home. There are some examples below of how to find number bonds using chocolate and coins. Please get in touch on the blog if you are finding this difficult. 


Extension- Writing number sentences in different ways.

When we write a number sentence forwards of backwards, you still use the same process. For example: 2+3=5. You can swap the two numbers around to find the same answer: 3+2=5. You can also write these number sentences backwards: 5=2+3 and 5=3+2. 


Answer these questions on your maths class notebook.







Missing number problems

2+     =6

You can solve these problems by finding 6 objects and putting 2 of them to the side. The amount left is the missing number.

3+     =7

4+     =10

5+     =9

7+     =10