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WALT – Recognising different capacity.

S2S – Using different objects from around the home to identify capacity.


Capacity is not just limited to water. Capacity is the maximum amount something can hold.


Starter -  look around your home and find 5 bottles or containers that hold something other than water, these could be shampoo bottles, cans of soup, ketchup bottle etc.
Now think about which holds the least and which holds the most, arrange them in order of capacity.


Bags and boxes can be used to carry or hold objects. They have capacity too.

Which of these bags do you think could hold the most?





(B could hold the most, so we can say it has the most capacity)


What about the boxes below, which has the most capacity? Which has the least?

Task – look around your home for 2 different sized bags or boxes.
Which do you think has the most capacity?
Test them by filling them with the same selection of toys / books / clothes etc. Which holds the most?



Cars can hold people, some might be able to hold 4 people, whilst others can only hold 2.




Task – Can you think of a vehicle that has more people capacity than a car?