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Wakefield Greenhill Primary School

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Half Termly Topics


In the Foundation Stage we are learning all about Autunm. We will be looking at seasonal changes. The children will look at how our enviroment changes and learn about which fruit and vegetables are harvested locally. The children will be cooking with some of the vegatables that they have grown and we will make also bake bread. We will we be looking after our gardening area and planting bulbs ready for Spring. The children will be involved in different types of art work eg mixing Autumn colours, using leaves and seeds to make collages, leaf printing and observational drawings. We are learning a poem called 'Farmer Farmer' which will be our class contribution at the Harvest Service. 

Colour & Christmas (AutumnTerm 2)

This topic will be introduced by going on a colour dectecting walk. The children will be looking at variations in shades and tones of a particular colour. The children will be involved in different types of art work eg mixing  colours, collage work, and  drawings. We will be looking at books which have colour as a central theme, both fiction and non fiction such as books on flags, flowers and camouflage.  

Chritmas Nativity Play -'The Bossy King'. A charming nativity story about a very bossy king who changes his ways when he meets the Baby Jesus.


Nursery Rhymes. (Spring Term 1)

This topic will be introduced by talking about our favourite nursery rhymes and favourite rhymes of parents and grandparents. We will be reciting rhymes and changing words to make new rhymes. The children will be making puppets and painting pictures of favourite nursery rhyme characters. We will be looking at traditonal and modern rhymes.


 All About Me (Spring Term 2)

Our topic this term will be All About Me. We will be learning about our bodies, keeping healthy, families  and using our senses. Our roleplay will be a Police Station. Our theme in the homecorner will be celebrating weddings.



 Opposites (Summer Term 1)

Each week we will be covering a different opposites theme. Week 1 -Happy & Sad, week 2 -Big & Small, week 3 -Old & New, week 4 -Hot & Cold, week 5 -Fast & Slow, week 6 -Loud & Quiet, week 7 -Wet & Dry. The children will have the opportunity to become more aware of opposites. They will handle different materials and will be encouraged to ask questions, explore and investigate.

 Our role play area will be The Laundry.


 Water (Summer Term 2)

 Our topic this term will be Water. We will be learning about where we see water, what we    use water for, the rain cycle and we will be looking at how plants need water to help them grow. We will be talking about salt water and fresh water fish, sea and river life. Our roleplay will be a Seaside Cafe. Our theme in the homecorner will be looking forward to the Olypic Games.