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WALT: recognise features needed for a diary & to plan a diary extract

S2S: use the checklists below and in the English resources to help you


You will be writing a diary entry tomorrow. Today you need to use the dairy checklist and read the example to see the features of a diary in action. You will need to describe the setting within your diary extract too.

Write the features of a diary into your book as your S2S.


Next I want you to watch the video of me reading a picture book. 


Varmints video part 1:


1. After watching the video, use the word mats to gather a bank of vocabulary you want to use in your descriptive paragraph in your diary. You can think of your own too! Do this in your lined book.


2. Plan a diary extract for the day the bee's buzzing was lost and the SCRATCHING buildings came to destroy their peaceful land. 

You are a Varmint (one of the rabbits in the picture book).

The diary extract is to be set on the day describing how wonderful your land is and then the describe how the OTHERS came and destroyed this. You need to include how you felt, therefore it must be written in first person e.g. I, my...


Features needed in a setting description:


Features of a diary:


Example of a diary:


Word Mats:



Together we will come up with a word bank of emotions on the blog for you to use to describe your feelings. I need you to post at least one word to describe how you think you would feel if someone came into your wonderful home and destroyed it! 


Post this on the 'diary word bank' post.