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Friday 8th January 2021

Well done to everyone who has accessed the page this week! I will be calling everyone next week to see how we are getting on!


Remember to post any questions to the class blog and use your Microsoft teams log in to post pictures and videos of the tasks you get up to!


I think this will be new challenge for us all to face but I feel we are all adapting to it brilliantly!


So for today...



Today I would like you to practise the sounds –  e, u, r. h, b, f, l

And the digraphs (remember 2 letters, 1 sound!) – ck, ff, ll, ss

Phase 2 Phonics songs

These can be found between 3:26 – 5:24 in this video!

For today and over the weekend I have added some fun Phase 2 Phonics games to Twinkl Go.

 Please visit the link below

and type in your child’s password which is


This will allow you FREE access to the Phonics games I have selected!


I Hope you enjoyed our story yesterday! If you have seen it, check yesterday’s page to hear “The Lion Inside” By Rachel Bright, read aloud by myself!

Today I want to work on our pencil control.

A great way to practise your pencil control is writing your name! Use the formation sheets in your pack to pick out the correct letters!

And a great song to practise building your pencil grip!

Crocodile Snap Pencil Grasp Childrens Song

Practise holding your pencil correctly and forming lines, circles, swirls or even letters (If you look in your pack you will be able to see the correct formation!)




Today I would like you to see how many items you can find with the same first letter as your name.

So, if your name begins with an “A” how many items can you find that begin with the letter “A”

Can you group them together?

What about the first letter of your last name? (If it’s the same as your first name why not try the second letter?)

Which group is bigger?

Which is smaller?


Add your answers to the class blog!



Friday relaxation Yoga!

A great way to get your body moving is with Yoga! Cosmic Kids Yoga is a fantastic YouTube show, to get involved! Here is a video for Friday to help you unwind after your first few days of Remote Learning!

Funny Skeleton Yoga | Cosmic Kids

You can post video’s or pictures to our Microsoft teams – under the activities section! I can’t wait to see your yoga poses!

Think about how your body felt before and after?

Has your heart started beating differently?

How has it started beating differently?

I hope you all enjoy these activities and have a fantastic weekend!


Mr Mair