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Wakefield Greenhill Primary School

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Friday 29th January 2021

Today, if you haven’t already you’ll be able to come to school via the KS1 Entrance (playground) between the times of 10.30am-11.45am and 1-2.30pm, to exchange your child’s reading book (Please return “Simon sock” and the book in your child’s pack before Christmas).

There will also be an additional Phonics and Maths pack to help support your child at home.

You can also bring back your pencil and change it for a sharper one!

Please follow social distancing guidelines.


Today’s activities are as follows


Good morning everybody!

Today’s activities are as follows



Today we will be recapping our Phase 3 tricky words

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

Practise saying them at home.

Practise writing them in your book!

Next week, we will play a tricky word bingo game, so get practising!


Today we will be learning the digraph “ch”

"ch" Digraph

What words can you think of containing the “ch” digraph?


Can you write what is happening in this picture?


This week we are going to be looking at the book “Eat Your Greens, Goldilocks: A Story about Eating Healthily” written by Steve Smallman

This week I would like you to keep a food diary.

To do this you need to write down everything you eat and drink for the entire week!

You can add to this diary each day, to look at how healthy you are eating!

Upload your pictures on the class blog or our Microsoft teams! I look forward to seeing your pictures!


Today I would like you to go through your food diary and highlight all of the healthy foods you have eaten this week?

Can you count them all? How many healthy foods did you eat?

Let’s see who has had the healthiest food this week!



Oxford owl have lots of Free ebooks for your children to read at home! Let me know what books you read!

Username: greenhilluf

Password: UF12345



This week we are going to look at ordering numbers.

For this we will be looking at more and less.


Your challenge today is to find one more and one less then a random number from 1-20.


Use your cards you made earlier this week, mix them up and pick a number what is it?

Can you tell me one more and one less?


Today I have a couple of games for you to play at home!

Next week we will be looking at shapes. Here is a little video to help you remember your shapes for next week!

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

Friday relaxation Yoga!

A great way to get your body moving is with Yoga! Cosmic Kids Yoga is a fantastic YouTube show, to get involved! Here is a video for Friday to help you unwind after your week of Home Learning!

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

You can post pictures to our Microsoft teams or Class Blog. I can’t wait to see your yoga poses!

Think about how your body felt before and after?

Has your heart started beating differently?

How has it started beating differently?


Next week we will continue some live sessions on Teams on Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm.


Have a great weekend!


Mr Mair