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Friday 29th January 2021

Happy Friday Year 3, I hope you and your families are all well. All the staff at school miss working with you all.

 First task today:

WALT: Predict what happens in a text

Reading challenge, have you ever heard noises coming from under your bed? Well Musa did! Open the word document below to read what happened and work hard on answering the questions!

S2S: Use the VIPER Card on the sheet to help you.

Under The Bed, be careful Musa!


WALT: Identify the correct operation to solve word problems


  1. Underline the important words and numbers
  2. Decide on the operation
  3. Choose a method – column addition/subtraction, number line or partitioning
  4. Show ALL working out in your book
  5. Make sure you write your answers in the right format (cm, £’s etc)                         

Open the PowerPoint and work through each slide, once you have watched the PowerPoint open the Addition & Subtraction Problem sheet. All work must be entered into your maths book.

When you have finished  the Addition & Subtraction Problem sheet move on to the extension task sheet.

I hope you enjoy spotting all your friends names in the worksheets!


WALT: Inverted Commas for Direct Speech

S2S: Read aloud your work, think about what is said and by you and when.

Open the PowerPoint and make notes in your English book that you are able to refer to.

Then open your English Text Book (Purple One) Complete pages 100 -101

English PowerPoint to support your task.