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Thursday 21st January 2021


WALT- Write the middle of the story 'The Elephant and the Bad Baby'.


Read the beginning of the story that you wrote this week (this should lead up to the elephant and the baby stealing food but should not include this). Read the middle of the story that you wrote yesterday, if this is not yet finished, please do this today. 


If you have written the beginning and middle of the story please go through your writing from yesterday and underline all the nouns using a coloured pencil, just as you did on Tuesday for the beginning of the story (Nouns- people, places, animals or things). If you have already done this that is great! Now children should rewrite the middle of their story and when they reach a noun ( an underlined noun ) they can add an adjective before they write the noun to help edit and improve their sentences. Children can do this for all their nouns but must ensure their writing still makes sense. This is important in ensuring your writing is your best and that you are using all the writing features you can to make it as detailed as possible- paint a picture in my head using your words!